EDITION 2022 :


Theme & spirit :

The main focus of this year's edition will be on “Climate Changes and their Impacts on Evolution”, in particular the preservation of biodiversity, the conservation of species, the study of ecosystems and their dynamics, and the reconstruction of major past changes of climate and living conditions on Earth.

We will also welcome contributions dealing with mathematical and computational techniques that improved our understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic. The design and application of integrative approaches that incorporate genetic data along with other sources of information (e.g., geography) in order to decipher the processes governing the evolution of SARS-CoV-2, will be of particular interest.

Beyond this year’s themes, general concepts, models, methods and algorithms will be presented and discussed, just as in the previous editions of MCEB. As usual, the meeting will bring together researchers originating from various disciplines: mathematics, computer science, phylogenetics, population genetics, epidemiology, ecological modeling ... Keynote speakers will introduce a field of research and discuss their own work in this field (see below). Afternoon will be for short presentations and posters, with plenty of time for discussions. We will stop early every day, thus leaving time for other activities, such as hiking or swimming.


Essential information :

  • Place: Porquerolles Island, near Hyères, in the South of France. See details on venue tab.
  • Dates: June 13-17, 2021. The conference will begin Sunday evening with an aperitif and dinner, and will end at about 2pm on Thursday.
  • Fees: Around 550€ (Includes accommodation for four nights, meals, coffee breaks, etc.).


"We can now confirm that MCEB 2021 will indeed take place in Porquerolles,
June 13-17! Please spread the word and do not hesitate to submit an abstract.
Registration will open at the end of the week and will remain open until the 25th of May."




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